Winjana’s Focus: Customers and Innovation first

Innovation has always been important to us at Winjana RV.

All Winjana RV vans are built with innovation in mind. Selected materials and construction techniques are always decided based on sound engineering principles, and extensive research.

Winjana RV uses only Canadian Spruce for their frames. Canadian Spruce is used because it is superior in its flexibility. Spruce is very light and very strong; and is a far superior timber to Meranti, which is what is normally used locally in Australia. The spruce frame gives strength and rigidity, but also allows movement and flex.

The innovative hybrid Cattai 760, an Australian first, was the outcome of listening to customers’ needs. As some senior customers commented that they found climbing up the stairs to their bed in a traditional 5th wheeler the bed would remain on the floor like a conventional caravan – hence the Cattai was born.

                           For more information: Winjana 5th Hybrid Cattai 760.

In more recent times other ideas have been implemented to improve functionality and space – as well as comfort. These have included developing a single-axle vanpurpose-built offroad 5th vans; clever use of space for extra storage areas, including in the ‘nose’ and under the bed; new window systems built from aluminium instead of plastic; and the spare tyre is now mounted on the hitch instead of the bumper, for better weight distribution.

In addition, Winjana RV provides full custom-built services and spare parts, to assist customers with specific needs, including building vans suited for customers with disabilities.

Winjana RV continually focuses on improving their vans, and working closely with customers. The company is market-led not production driven. As a progressive and dynamic company, Winjana has evolved into one of Australia’s most successful 5th wheeler manufacturers. This has been achieved by listening to our customers, and always researching new technologies here in Australia.

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