Winjana RV moving to Timbren superior suspension

Winjana RV focuses on delivering a very high-quality product, with safety as the top priority. And as part of this commitment to ensuring customers always get the best product and service, Winjana RV is moving to Timbren Silent Ride suspension.

Timbren have had independent testing undertaken at the General Motors Automotive Centre for Excellence at the University of Ontario. The results are outstanding – and great news for our customers.

A key outcome showed that leaf spring and torsion bar transfer approximately 2.5 times as much road shock to the trailer bed when compared to Silent Ride, highlighting the superiority of the Timbren product. The Silent Ride was only just eclipsed by the much more expensive airbag system.

The other key benefits of Timbren Silent Ride include it is lubrication free, highly stabilised, and offers longer travel life.

Combined with the superior safety performance of a fifth wheeler van over conventional vans, you can be assured you are purchasing a superior van when you buy from Winjana – and all vans are built and designed locally in Australia, specifically for Australian road conditions.

If you require further information about fifth wheeler vans and suspension, please contact us direct at Winjana RV. We will be very happy to assist and answer any questions.

Winjana RV (Adventure RV P/L)
Contact: Andrew Brennen on (07) 4638 3576

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