Top 4 Caravanning Tips for 2023

Here it is… Winjana’s Top 4 Caravanning Tips for 2023!

Tip #1 – Service your Van

We know, it’s a boring tip. But because we care about your safety and for the safety of those around you, it’s a tip we can’t leave out! It will also help reduce the cost of potentially avoidable expensive repairs!

This photo (on the left) alone proves why services are critical. We took this photo which shows three disc brake pads – new, used, and non-existent. These pads were on a trailer brought into us for servicing which shows that this unit had no brakes for years – now that’s a scary thought!

This second photo (on the right) is of water damage to a van from a dripping water filter that happened over time. It wasn’t a Winjana van but a reputable branded van out of Melbourne. The overloading of cupboards and lack of maintenance caused this problem, and we did repairs to fix it. But it shows that it pays to have proper servicing done to prevent problems like this!

So before you head off on your caravanning adventures, make sure to have your van serviced. We offer services for all van types right here in our Toowoomba factory, which includes conventional vans, trailers, and horse floats. Just remember to book in early before the busy holiday periods, especially prior to Easter and Christmas holidays. Find out more about our repairs and services here.

Tip #2 – Learn how to Safely Manoeuvre your Van

If you’re new to caravanning, we recommend spending some time learning how to safely manoeuvre your van before hitting the road.

There are towing courses available, whether you’re new to caravanning or looking to do a refresher course. Caravan Towing Tuition are “providers of quality, individualised, hands-on, caravan and trailer towing and reversing training courses”. They have several locations to choose from, including Brisbane and Toowoomba, and their courses are suitable for those who tow fifth wheelers.

Fifth wheelers are actually easier to manoeuvre than your regular caravans. Check out these two short videos where we show you how it’s easy to turn your fifth wheeler in a small space, and what a fifth wheeler can do offroad.

Tip #3 – Maximise Storage Space

It seems we can never get enough storage space! But there are smart things you can do to help maximise the storage space you do have. Here’s some tips:

Internal Storage

Storage containers are a great way to help keep items contained and the caravan tidy. But go a step further by using clear, see-through, plastic storage containers with labels to make it easier to see inside what you’re looking for.

Food Storage

If you like to purchase meat from the local butcher whilst out on your travels, ask for it to be vacuum sealed into the required portion sizes. Not only does it help make the meat last longer, but it conveniently packs flat and stops those unwanted meat dribbles in your esky or fridge.

External Storage

Another idea is to think about how you can safely maximise your caravan’s exterior for storage purposes. For example, we installed a rear mounted bike rack (see below images) to keep those bulky bikes out of the caravan. The rack is on a lockable swing arm so that you are still able to access the toilet hatch at the rear of the van.

If you’d like to take your bikes with you on your caravan trip, chat with us to see how we can customise your van to include racks like this!

Tip #4 – Travelling with Pets

It’s important to make sure our furry-friends are also safe and secure whilst travelling. It not only protects them, but also us as the driver and passengers. So that’s why our final tip is to make sure you’re aware of the needed and legal requirements for travelling safely with your pets.

We’ve listed some helpful resources in our ‘Travelling with Pets’ blog which include an ultimate pet travel guide by the RSPCA and a guide to van life with dogs.

Image Credit: Riverwood Downs

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