Cattai 760 

The Cattai 760 stands as Australia’s pioneering ‘hybrid’ caravan, seamlessly merging the convenience of a traditional caravan floor plan with the safety advantages of a 5th wheeler.

This innovative design not only prioritizes safety but also provides extra space and storage, making it a unique and versatile option for travelers. As Winjana’s largest van in terms of length, the Cattai 760 offers an unparalleled combination of safety features, spacious interiors, and ample storage, providing a comprehensive solution for those seeking the best of both caravan and 5th wheeler worlds.

  • Superior fittings & furnishings
  • Quality construction
  • Modern amenities
  • Safe and easy towing
  • Rough road ready

Cattai 760 Dimensions

  • External length 8000mm
  • External width 2430mm
  • Internal length 7600mm
  • Internal height 1960mm
  • Exterior height (over A/C) 3050mm
  • Tare weight 2700kg
  • ATM up to 3500kg
  • Hitch weight 400kg

Visit our specifications page for full specifications
*All dimensions and weights are approximate as construction build will dictate some variances.