Be Prepared! 5th Wheeler Safety Checklist for Summer Fun

Spring is here and summer is fast-approaching.  If you’re busy mapping out a touring holiday don’t forget to take time to prepare your vehicle for the journey.  We have compiled a safety checklist to ensure you are properly prepared before setting out in your 5th Wheeler caravanning adventure this summer:

COOLING: You don’t want to get stuck in the scorching heat so check that your cooling systems are working properly!

SMOKE: Check your smoke alarm is working and ensure you have a fire blanket and extinguisher in your caravan.

GAS:  Make sure that your gas cylinders are secure to avoid gas leaks.

STORMS: Prepare a storm kit to take with you, including torch (and spare batteries), raincoat, charged phone and two-way radio. Always have an emergency plan in the event of a storm, and consider how you may anchor your van. You may want to consider investing in a storm cover to project your van.

SERVICING: get your van serviced before heading off to ensure all is in tip-top condition; including all bearings, brakes, batteries and all silicon work.

HITCH: always double check that the hitch is correctly connected between the van and towing vehicle before heading off.

FLUIDS: Make sure to check that your oil, brake fluid and water levels are at right level before setting off on your adventure, as well as ensuring there are no loose items inside of the caravan.

BOOKINGS: Summer can be quite popular amongst caravanners so book caravan parks well in advance to avoid any problems.

OUTBACK: take extra care when preparing for outback destinations; extra water and petrol are a necessity, and ensure you let people know where you are going and when you are expected to arrive or return. Check out the internet for tips on preparing for outback driving and caravanning.

If you are considering investing in a new fifth-wheeler for the summer, it is important to ensure that it is built for local conditions. Winjana RV specialises in locally-built 5th wheelers to suit Australian conditions, ensuring you have safe and enjoyable caravanning adventures.

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