Winjana 5th wheelers take you offroad!

Off the beaten track with Winjana RV…

Winjana RV is the first and only company in Australia to manufacture offroad 5th wheeler vans – and they are already proving to be our most popular models for customers. Two offroad models are manufactured by Winjana RV in Toowoomba; the Ormiston 630 Offroad (6.3m length), and the slightly smaller Strzelecki 520 Offroad (5.2m length). Offroad features include extra ground clearance, off-road brakes and tyres, suspension/shock absorbers, and 2 x 150watt solar panels.

High quality and durable furnishings and appliances, and specially selected fittings ensure that everything stays where it should – even on the rough corrugated roads of outback Australia – where they have been tested! Winjana’s off-road functionality and short van lengths means you can easily ‘free camp’ and get into camping spots that normal vans have difficulty manoeuvring into. The fifth-wheel hitch allows the van to reverse easier, with a better turning circle, than conventional vans.

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