Ormiston winjana 5th Wheeler
Tow Vehicles

Australian tow vehicles suitable for Winjana RV 5th wheelers

Winjana RV specialises in the manufacture of Australian-made 5th wheelers.

Below are tables showing new tow vehicles currently available in Australia, suitable for Winjana fifth wheelers, and key towing specifications for these vehicles. For further details about towing a 5th wheeler, please read our FAQ’s page.

Table of Tow Vehicles suitable for Winjana RV 5th Wheelers:


If you have any questions about a suitable tow vehicle for a Winjana RV 5th wheeler that is not covered here, please contact Winjana RV direct – we are happy to answer specific questions.  Or contact the tow vehicle manufacturer direct.

Table of Key Towing Specifications:

Key Definitions:
Gross combination mass (GCM) is the combined mass of the vehicle including passengers, fuel and payload, and the weight of the towed 5th wheeler. This mass must not be exceeded.

Tow rating is the maximum weight that can be towed (with a braked trailer) assuming the GCM is not exceeded.

Disclaimer note: the tow vehicles and specification details listed here are based on current details available from the vehicle manufacturers. These details are subject to change, and it is advised to check all details direct with the tow vehicle manufacturer prior to purchasing your Winjana RV. Winjana RV is not responsible for incorrect information provided by third parties on this website.