Extra cargo storage area!

Great news for caravanners – Winjana RV has added a large cargo storage area to their 5th wheeler vans. The cargo area is easily accessible externally on the Kalbarri 690 and the Ormiston 630 fifth wheelers; and the ‘hybrid’ Cattai 760 fifth wheeler has external and internal access to the cargo area. The empty space under (or in-front of) the bed area has been cleverly used to create the cargo area. This means customers gain an additional large space to store bulky items without losing any precious internal space; and ideally can store items that are regularly used outside ie. camp stools etc… as they can quickly be packed and un-packed without having to enter the van. The storage area is lockable. For more details about Winjana RV 5th wheeler van models and their specifications, including the new Cattai 760 and Ravensbourne ‘hybrids’ please see our van models web page.

For more details please contact Winjana RV direct.