Australia’s 1st hybrid 5th wheeler!

Winjana RV’s new van model is an Australian first – the first ‘hybrid’ van manufactured in Australia. The new ‘Cattai 760’ van model is a mix between a conventional 20ft van, and a 5th wheeler, hence aptly named after Cattai National Park in New South Wales, which is a ‘hybrid’ park with two separate sections; the historic Cattai Farm area, and Mitchell Park.

The Cattai has already received excellent reviews from customers, media, and visitors to the factory. The positive reaction means demand for the new van is already growing, with vans being manufactured at the purpose-built factory in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The four key benefits of the hybrid Cattai are these: like in a conventional van, the bed area is on the floor which means you don’t need to climb up into the bed; the hitch is a 5th-wheeler hitch which provides all the additional safety benefits; the space above the hitch in front of the bed (in the nose area) provides an excellent additional large storage area; and this additional storage area’s weight is mostly carried by the rear wheels of the tow vehicle, also good from a safety and load-bearing point of view.

For the customer, this gives them the best of both worlds – the comfort, space and practicality of a conventional van, combined with the additional safety and manoeuvring benefits of a 5th wheeler van.

“Our customers love it already – the Cattai is a great van, and sales interest is already strong – it shows that our research into what customers are looking for in a van is correct. We already have a fantastic range of models to suit different client needs, and the Cattai is the next step to continue to provide new alternatives for our clients.

All our Winjana vans are named after Australian National Parks, and as I grew up in the Cattai area north-west of Sydney, I am particularly proud to launch the Cattai 5th wheeler – and hope our customers will enjoy the new van as much as I enjoyed the Cattai National Park area as a child” – Andrew Brennen, Winjana RV.

For more details about the Cattai 760, call us, or arrange a time to visit our factory in Toowoomba.